SoftAtHome welcomes Aerial Technologies to Software Ecosystem

Broadband World Forum, Amsterdam – October 16th, 2019 – SoftAtHome (stand G22), a leading software company for Broadband, video and analytics, and Aerial Technologies, the pioneer in WiFi motion analytics powered by artificial intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership to create new innovative value-added services for the digital home.

Aerial Technologies is the leading expert in WiFi motion detection. Aerial’s revolutionary solution leverages existing WiFi signal’s distortions created by human motion to infer activity to enable the development of advanced applications such as home intrusion detection and eldercare monitoring without the inconvenience of needing to install and maintain sensor devices or wearables. WiFi is the sensor.

As a leader in digital services for operators, SoftAtHome’s strategy is to open the digital home ecosystem, to serve operators better and provide everyday benefits to their end-users. SoftAtHome’s software platform runs on a Home Gateway. An SDK (Software Development Kit) and an applications development environment enable partners to port their applications into a secured Linux container easily.

Aerial’s solution integrated in this environment will allow operators to quickly deploy and benefit from the features the joint solution provides, thanks to a simple software upgrade.

Mr David Grant, CEO at Aerial Technologies, commented: “We are delighted to partner with SoftatHome to enable Aerial’s Peace of Mind and motion recognition platform to their clients. Aerial’s patented, non-invasive and passive technology uses Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to analyse everyday WiFi signal distortions created by human movement to infer motion and activity. Through our partners, our solutions allow us to enhance services and improve quality of life for end users.”

Mr David Viret-Lange, CEO at SoftAtHome added: “SoftAtHome software platform is instrumental to operators’ strategy in the digital home of offering new and innovative services. WiFi has become king in our lives. Aerial is a highly innovative company in our ecosystem. This partnership will provide end-users and operators with a simple and effective way to secure their home, understand if an elderly person is in danger or play their favourite music when they enter a room for instance.”

Meet SoftAtHome in stand G22 during Broadband World Forum from October 15th to 17th 2019 and see SoftAtHome and Aerial Technology’s joint demo.

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Aerial Technologies

Established in 2015, Aerial Technologies is a pioneer in Wi-Fi motion detection technology. Their SaaS-enabled technology leverages existing Wi-Fi signals to detect motion and recognize human activity without the need for cameras, sensors or wearables. Aerial's patented technology analyzes distortions in Wi-Fi signals and uses machine learning to infer human activities and enable customers and partners to build consumer and enterprise applications. Aerial Technologies leading experts' team are paving the way to the future of motion for the technology community.

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