Aerial Technologies’ WiFi Sensing applications now available on Qualcomm® Networking Pro Series Platforms

Montreal, October 5th, 2021 - Aerial Technologies, the pioneer and leader in WiFi Sensing is pleased to announce the availability of its award-winning WiFi sensing intelligence applications on Qualcomm® Networking Pro Series Platforms.

WiFi sensing, at the most fundamental level, enables an active WiFi network to concurrently serve as a ubiquitous motion sensor. Aerial's Sensing Intelligence platform leverages advanced patented AI modelling to unlock contextual insights which can be used to develop or enhance services applications in the home such as Residential Security, Elder Care and Smart Home.

The Qualcomm Networking Pro Series is a robust and intelligent Wi-Fi 6 networking platform, blending powerful network acceleration and advanced multi-user technologies, making them an ideal backbone for innovative applications like Aerial’s Sensing Intelligence platform.

“We are pleased that Aerial AI will make WiFi Sensing technology available to manufacturers developing products with Qualcomm Technologies’ leading Qualcomm Networking Pro Series platforms. We engineer our platforms to enable a more intelligent edge and applaud Aerial AI for implementing this technology,” said Shravan Surineni, Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“Our vision at Aerial is to make WiFi sensing available to every broadband home worldwide and help improve people's daily lives. Whether securing your home or caring for a loved one, WiFi Sensing provides a host of technical and commercial benefits for providers and customers. Making those innovations available in collaboration with a WiFi chipset manufacturer like Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is a major step towards realizing that vision,” said Steve Sifferman, President and CEO, Aerial Technologies, Inc.

One of the first manufacturers to leverage this integrated product is Canadian wireless innovation leader, Mercku, with the availability of Aerial's Remote Care and Peace of Mind applications on their award winning M6 802.11ax Mesh WiFi System.

About Aerial Technologies

Established in 2015 endorsed by industry leaders, Aerial Technologies is the pioneer in Wi-Fi Motion Intelligence. Aerial’s patented and award-winning AI based technology analyzes wireless infrastructure to infer human activities and enable customers and partners to develop practical applications that improve daily life. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with offices in USA and Europe. To learn more, view the website at

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